About Us


Christ Centered Classes

Every class is wrapped in scripture and prayer! A motivating bible passage outlines the theme for each program and is then used as a tool of inspiration for lesson plans. Each class includes foundational ballet technique and explores scripture with creative movement concepts. We have satellite classes at several different locations and often incorporate props for added educational purposes.


Our Beliefs

Christian Arts Academy’s mission is to train the body, soul and spirit through the discipline of the Arts to affect our community for Christ. 

We aim to teach modesty and excellence through worship and technique. We believe in the triune God, the immaculate conceptions, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Family Friendly performances

No skimpy costumes or lewd songs in the classroom or onstage. With family friendly, classical or Christ centered music we invite all ages to dance Worry Free. You won’t have to fear seeing or hearing something inappropriate at CAA.